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Tuesday’s Top Ten: What I’m Not Doing

Intro? What Intro? Here are ten things I’m not doing this week:

10. I’m not going to see Black Panther. I’m just as sad as you are. A packed theater while my paranoia levels are code menstrual red would be a very bad idea.

9. I’m not watching the news. The television is on at my house, but the only news reports I see are Lemur’s kills in the Gears 4 promotion, “Year of the Dog.” I’ll be lucky to see an actual show before March 1.

8. I’m not playing video games. I’m devastated, but it can’t be helped.

7. I’m not reading through the stacks of books on my desk. They’ll continue to be clutter until I have to move them. I thought I would read them when I sorted through my books in December. I was wrong.

6. I’m not cleaning the toilets, unless we have company. Invite yourself over, and give me time to clean the toilets. Lemur will thank you.

5. I’m not writing in my journal. I don’t have time to write daily words that aren’t story words right now.

4. I’m not skimping on my exercise routine. I may be shrugging off my journal as a form of self care, but I’d be stupid to miss my daily workout. It’s the only thing that keeps me healthy, and entertained. If I’m not watching Lemur play his game while I walk, I’m reading a book.

3. I’m not sleeping well. If it were any later in the day, I’d be sleep-typing this.

2. I’m forgetting important items on my to-do list, until just now, so obviously I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing for work. By work, I mean work-related projects for which I volunteer because I’m a fucking moron thinking I need more projects. FUCK.

1. I’m not complaining. I have to buckle down this week and get shit done, and things will get better. I have faith.

Now I’m making a list of things I need to do tomorrow!

What are you Not Doing today?

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