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Turning Japanese

This past week, I went into the library for a notebook and saw the stack of books I purchased at YaoiCon. I decided to read Internment by Freddy MacKay. And then I remembered: Oh, yeah! New (to me) Publisher – Mischief Corner Books! I want to review their submission guidelines!

I found their submission guidelines online, and wouldn’t you know…they have a short story call. It’s due December 28. It’s about a topic I know nothing about: White Day, a holiday celebrated in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Even though I know much more about China (Thank you, Pearl Buck!), I chose to write about Japan. I can learn, right?

Everything I know about Japan I learned from Kung Fu movies and a handful of books, none of which detail the culture. All I remember from college is, “We should be more like Japan, where they go to school for fifteen hours a day and they are scary smart.” I can’t honestly say I’ve acquired knowledge from Yaoi, either. 1) (Sometimes) Poor translation. 2) I may have been distracted.

This is not a story I can half-ass, and it’s due in less than thirty days.

Friends, countrymen, lend me your best Japanese research! I’m good with books, but I probably only have time for YouTube. I will take anything you’ve got by comment, IM, or carrier pidgeon!*

If you’re worried, don’t. My writing buddy is an excellent resource. (THANK YOU!!!) We’ve got this! If not, there are three other countries that might work better…

*Well, probably not carrier pidgeon. We have falcons in our back yard. They won’t make it.

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