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I didn't touch my computer once yesterday, and it was glorious. We got our chores done Friday evening. Yesterday was all about setting up the chairs and lawn umbrella and reading another "How to Write Good" book under the maple tree while Lemur cut dead branches out of one of our neighbor's trees and the dogs chased some squirrels and ate the clumps of grass kicked out by the lawnmower.

I repeat, glorious.

That means I didn't blog yesterday, I didn't touch social media, I didn't promote my book like I should have, and I didn't send my newsletter. Honestly, I'm as upset about it as you are. (Not at all, right? Didn't even notice? Thought so.)

I know I'm never going to be successful if I don't work at promotion and building an audience. I get that. I also needed to take a moment. It's rare for me to take a day off. I have days off from the day job, and I have days off from the writing job, but I never take a day off from both. Yesterday was a reward for finishing my huge day job project. Until I slept in until 8 a.m. after being up part of the night sick (thanks, Burger King), I didn't even realize it was something I needed. I was already too late to join the writing meeting and the gorgeous day called me outside. When I was still outside halfway through the afternoon writing meeting, I said "fuck it, I'm not writing today. I'm going to finish this book."

Longest damn writing book ever. I'm at 88%. I fell asleep reading about wording and braining around 9 p.m. (My brain was obviously fried at that point, so I needed to stop.) Not a bad way to end the day, but not productive at all.

Today, I'm choosing to forgive myself. I'll finish reading after today's morning writing session, hopefully in time to join the afternoon meeting. I'm still hoping to finish the New Year's novella today. I know how it ends; I just need to write it.

What's your favorite way to unplug?

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