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Last year at YaoiCon, I felt under-prepared. It was my first real convention. I was a mere participant, when one day I hope to be a vendor. I was overwhelmed by the sheer crush of people on Saturday, even though it’s nothing like Comic Con. On a Friday. In Des Moines. (Seriously. How did I ever think YCon was crowded?) 

I was also overwhelmed by the number of M/M fantasy novels, both YA and adult. I purchased Ash and Echoes by my friend, Gus Li, and was blown away by similarities to one of my characters. If I want to sell my series, I need to improve.

In the past year, what have I done to improve? I got some great advice from a beta reader and started rewriting the series. I finished writing Breaking All the Rules, my contemporary romance, and am in the process of getting it in front of betas. Afterward, I hit a brick wall with writing, mostly because I’m so tired at the end of each workday that all I want to do is come home and sleep.

Last week, I panicked. I don’t have any marketing for YaoiCon. I wanted to have business cards, at least. Looking at the business card layout, I realized I don’t have a logo. Amy Lane has her cute little dragon, and her daughter’s drawing of Amy squishing her little dog. Heidi Cullinan has a stylish cartoon outline of her face. I’ve got nothing but a ton of curly hair and a run-away, introverted personality.

The next question is, do I even need business cards? What would they have on them? Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr links? Why would anyone care? I don’t have anything to buy. My blog isn’t exactly Yaoi-oriented, except for the occasional picture of hawt men.

So, once again, I’m going to YaoiCon feeling under-prepared and unworthy. I am just a fan who wants to be a better writer. I hope that’s acceptable.

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