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Up in the Air

I don't know if I'm going to San Francisco or not on June 4. I booked this trip in early January as a reward for my work project's conclusion. The work project is ending with or without this vacation. However, the specific reason I booked this trip, so I could sip drinks with my bestie in the Elephant Bar on the Bay and watch the planes land, may not even be possible.

The adventurous writer in me doesn't care. If I can sit and talk with my bestie, play Child of Light from beginning to end, and find time to write while he works, that's enough for me.

The reasonable part of me sees this as a huge risk. Am I willing to fly across the country and endanger my life and his for a not-quite-what-I-planned vacation? I love my bestie. I couldn't live with the guilt of infecting him, me, and others because this virus is not gone and reopening the country now won't change that.

For now, I'm up in the air, but I need to make a decision. Soon. I'm also wishing I'd invested in flight insurance back in January.

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