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Volunteer as Tribute

"Come back to the office," they said. "Everything will be fine," they said.

I'm returning to the office tomorrow. Everyone will be wearing masks in the common areas, and they've rigged the bathroom door with a foot pedal so I don't have to touch it.

Do I feel safe? I guess? How does one feel safe without a vaccine? I'd rather be home.

I volunteered as tribute, thinking the rest of my team would be voluntold to return if I didn't. I've seen it happen before. My teammates have kids or health issues. I felt obligated to return since I have neither.

When the next round of people were selected, I expected at least one more teammate would join the ranks of tribute. Instead, they're all coming back sometime in 2021.

What the hell have I done?

Meanwhile, my canine coworkers find out they've been laid off when I leave the house tomorrow:

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