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Walking Dead Fans: Oh, the Hypocrisy

Wow, America. This meme says it all.

Finally, The Walking Dead made it to a higher level of evolution (and paranoia). If you can stick with it through the first three seasons, it gets better (for those of you who stopped watching). To make it even better, I found this gem on Twitter this weekend. Personally, I would love Daryl even more:

To tell you the truth, if that’s the story they gave me, I would rock that story.”

Yes. Yes he would.

Side note: I think it’s strange that I dislike Conan O’Brien, but this is the second video clip I’ve included in my blog. Knock it off, Conan! Leave the cool shit to Jimmy Fallon! I’m juggling three different stages of three novels at the moment, so gotta run. I’ll have a list of updates on Saturday!

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