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While the Lemur Is Away

While Lemur is away, the dog and I will catch up on our shows.

Today, I watched the first seven episodes of this season of Silicon Valley. I should have been watching Sleight, but I didn’t have my notebook. What. My bestie gave me homework. I bring my A-game to bestie homework.

So. Silicon Valley. Teslas are the new smug Priuses of tomorrow.  Jiann-Yang is my hero. Big Head is still Big Head. How the kid hasn’t gotten hit by a driverless car while crossing the street is beyond me. 

Jared is still my favorite character. As much as I love Gilfoyle, Jared is my spirit animal. He’s just a cheerleader in a white-collared shirt. He’s the savior every time Richard loses his fucking mind (or his lunch). He’s also the moral compass of the show. If he were on The Walking Dead, he would have died long ago. But, then, he also says things like this…

I’m also Monica’s number one fan. She does not get enough air time on the show. Maybe she’ll be more present now that she’s a direct employee, rather than their Venture Capitalist. And Laurie. Holy shit. Her no-nonsense robotic persona is terrifying.

I’m also going to take this time to say good riddance to T.J. Miller. I loved him on the show, and I loved him in Deadpool, but his bullshit off the set and antics behind the scenes may destroy his career. Sometimes, assholes are funny, but they’re still assholes. As a person fed up with assholes in real life, it’s nice that Hollywood is also beginning to listen and prevent inviting them into our homes as entertainment.

I would love to see Christopher Plummer in either franchize: Deadpool or Silicon Valley. 

There’s only one episode left this season. Only HBO can get away with eight twenty-eight minute episodes in a season. After that, we’ll be waiting for Game of Thrones in April 2019.  That gives me plenty of time to complete my bestie homework.

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