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Words, words, words.

So far in 2014, I have added 22 new words to my vocabulary file. Most of them came from Amy Lane’s YA novel, Triane’s Son Learning. One is from One Small Step by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea (kombucha). One is from television (rake). One is from a Writers Write Facebook post (accrete). 

  1. Sententious

  2. Puling

  3. Pithy

  4. Effluvia

  5. Insouciance

  6. Misandry

  7. Cumshaw

  8. Onerous

  9. Impugn

  10. Indeterminate

  11. Recreant

  12. Precociousness

  13. Accrete

  14. Conflagrate

  15. Wastrel

  16. Détente

  17. Kombucha

  18. Edifice

  19. Tripe

  20. Itinerant

  21. Passel

  22. Rake

I’ve already worked sententious into my current work in progress., and I’m about to use cumshaw as a misunderstanding when my MC leaves a tip at a restaurant and his vocabulary gets the better of his not-so-bright date.

Today is the 13th of January, and I have 22 words. As always, I started off strong with this resolution. Let’s hope I can maintain.

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