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Work-Life Imbalance

This is not my Top Ten Books Read in 2019. It was going to be, but then I realized I needed to include links, tag everyone, and post images, and...yeah. Not happening today. Next Tuesday, it'll be the Christmas gift no one wanted.

I haven't talked about much of anything substantial in the blog lately. I have big ideas, I swear, but none of them make it here. This is the cheery, happy place where I keep up fake appearances in case someone else is watching.

I'm not a happy, cheery person, but I play one at work. I've lived a double life for the last fourteen years, and probably will continue to do so until I quit or die at my desk at 8:12 a.m. on a Monday morning. I'm tired of playing this role, but I need this job. It pays for random WTF surgeries no one my age even thinks about. Thanks, genetics.

Thank you, dear readers, for following along on this crazy journey. January's going to feel like the month of The King's Physician, so get ready for me to talk nonstop books. Until then, bear with me while I struggle through work-life imbalance.

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