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Works in Progress

It's been awhile since I've given a status update on the writing front, so here we go.

Promotion for Spread Your Wings: Dilyana's World gave me space for an interview yesterday, which was awesome!!! Dilyana will review Pika Perfect in June!

That means this weekend is dedicated to Pika Perfect edits, so I can get it to beta readers. There's a lot more story here, folks. It was around 26k words, and it's now over 40k (pre-edits, so it will stay novella length).

After Pika Perfect, it's edits on Medium to Well. I love this paranormal romance so much! It's the first in my Hollywood Ever After series, so I'm also working on a cover and a series label.

Meanwhile, I'm still rewriting my Farbonnur Elves series for release next year. I'll need to stop sometime this summer to write a third story to tie my two vampire stories together in a vampire anthology. I'd like to have it out by October, but honestly, with the way my day job is going, that might not happen. If you love my vampires and want to cheer them on, please @me on social media or email me to share some vampire love (select "All Posts" above to view the nav bar with my SM links). Sometimes, I need a cheer section to inspire me to action.

Oh, and New Year, Not You will be out in time for the winter holidays, so I need to edit it sometime this summer.

Being my own publisher is both exciting and exhausting. Maybe one day, I'll be full-time. For now, on nights and weekends:

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