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World AIDS Day

In honor of World AIDS Day, I watched Dallas Buyer’s Club for the first time. Great movie. However, I expected to feel more broken, the way I felt after And the Band Played On and The Normal Heart. The Normal Heart changed me as a person. After watching it, I wanted to be more like Larry Kramer. I thought about changing jobs and working at our local AIDS Project just so I would feel like I made a difference. I booked a flight to San Francisco to go to Yaoi Con instead, but at least I did something. Stop judging me.

Dallas Buyer’s Club  is sad, and it’s powerful, and it’s uplifting in a way, because the little guy won a battle against the FDA. But it’s not life changing for me. I’m no doctor or pharmacist, and I’m no drug addict. I’m not saying one would have to fit in those categories to be moved by this movie. I’m just saying I think HBO hit the emotional nail on the head with The Normal Heart, but Hollywood shied away from it. I guess that’s why I’ll always be a subscriber to HBO. Their original programming always gets it right. (Even that ridiculous movie about Liberace. It was ridiculous because HE was ridiculous.)

Also in honor of World AIDS Day, I donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust. One thing I found humorous about their campaign this year: Bono is joining forces with MPT. Freddie liked U2’s music, but he always thought it was silly that they yammered on about causes and let their political views overshadow their music. Ironic, that Bono is now speaking out about AIDS and Freddie’s loss.

Would Freddie approve of that, or disapprove? I think he’d raise his glass of Moet and have a good laugh.

I still have a bottle of Moet in my pretty cabinet, but I won’t drink it today, my friends. Today is not a day I wish to celebrate. Honor, yes. Celebrate…I’ll celebrate when this virus is cured.

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