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Writer’s Block? Renovate!

I don’t have the usual definition of writer’s block. I’m not staring at the blank page idly for hours on end. I don’t have time for that. I have road blocks every now and then. I don’t stop the car–that’s dangerous. I take the detour to a new project, instead.

Today, I found a way to break through the barriers of my current road blocks. I did dude things.

I tore up carpet, and I loved it. Seventies red shag carpet, no less. The last remnant of a time when our bedroom belonged to children is gone. No more smell of play dough and gum stuck in the carpet. No more lingering smell of dog shit. 

Now, my room smells like citrus wood cleaner and floor wax. I love the smell of hardwood floors.

I had plenty of time to think while I worked. I brainstormed a new plot for a contemporary romance that I’m starting tonight. I also found a way for Al and Denny to communicate while they are in the tower: song. Denny sings while he toils for Davri, not realizing that the song is part of his true dream about Al.

I used to meditate or do yoga when I needed to get something unstuck in my mind. Next time, I might tear into a home improvement project instead.

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