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WTF Tuesday

How is it mid-February already? How is it Tuesday already? On one hand, this day, this week, and this month are flying by, and yet, when I think about vacation in June, it's not going fast enough.

I have a lot on my mind and I'm going to try to nail the highlights without drowning you all in my sorrows.

First, a high note: I've passed the line edit mark on Pika Perfect! Next come proofs.

Second, another high note: I'm almost 20k into the paranormal story. The first draft may be around 60k, which is the longest I've written in awhile. That's getting me ready for the 80k needed for Stan's story: Breaking Down.

Third: If you haven't seen Alita: Battle Angel and love adorable androids, this movie is for you. I've watched it twice now (thanks, HBO).

Fourth: I'm going to gloss over the bullshit that is work and say I can't wait until June! Get ready, Bestie!

Fifth, I'm going to gloss over the bullshit that is politics and just say this: Please register to vote and plan to vote come hell, high water, or voter suppression, my dear American friends.

I'm going to stop there. Thanks for bearing with my random thoughts and nonsense. It's only Tuesday and I feel like my brain needs another weekend.

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