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You All

I’ve noticed an alarming trend in my speech.

I call men Dudes a lot, and some people see Dude as gender neutral. 

I also use “You Guys” as gender neutral, and some people see Guy as male only. I know I’ve talked about this with friends before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever consciously tried to change how I speak to be more inclusive.

I’m getting better at they/them. I try. This week, I found some ways to edit my speech to be more gender inclusive:

  1. I need to use “Man” instead of “Dude.”

  2. I need to use “friends,” “peeps,” or “you all” instead of “you guys.”

That’s it. That’s what I found.

Hold me accountable, readers. When I say, “Hey, you guys!” please say, “No, Sloth. There are girls in this group. It’s ‘Hey you all!'”

I may not answer to Sloth.

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