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Your Undercover Fangirl

Hi there. 

I’m in your life. You probably didn’t notice me. I’m not the most vocal in the room. I’m the one who stands back, who lets others lead, who makes a snarky comment every once in awhile but otherwise stays silent.

What you don’t know: I’m your biggest fan. I see you, so proud to be you, so loud being you. I enjoy spending time with you. I enjoy listening to you. I enjoy reading your comments online.

I love you, my loud, proud LGBTQIA+ friends. I love you, my dark-skinned friends. I love you, my friends from other nationalities, other cultures, other experiences.

I am so grateful to know you. I am so grateful to be in your presence, soaking up your otherness. I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve written books about you. I’ve cherished every single word, every conversation, every minute I’ve spent with you.

I’m not saying it’s been perfect. We’ve had our differences. We’ve said some harsh words to each other and about each other. It’s because I love you and I want what’s best for you. That’s not my place to decide. It’s never been my place. I know that now. It only makes me love you more.

So walk your path. Sing your song. Live your life. Be out. Be proud. Be who you are. I see you. I support you. I know it’s hard sometimes. I’ll be here the whole way, but I don’t want to impose. Let me know when I can help.

I love you.

Love, Your biggest fan.

PS: If you are a creepy stalker, FUCK NO this is not about you. Leave me the fuck alone.

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