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Enemies-to-Lovers Fantasy M/M Romance

 Devlin was the King’s Physician until a blood mage siphoned Devlin’s magic and used it to wipe the kingdom’s memories. Sir Eldrich, his replacement, has protection against Filvane’s spells, but he only knows the whispered rumors: Devlin, the former King’s Physician , stole King Korgon’s crown on his coronation day.

Once Eldrich is appointed King’s Physician, Devlin notices a decline in King Korgon’s health and wonders if Eldrich is to blame. When Eldrich nearly bleeds to death on Devlin’s doorstep from grievous sword wounds, they’re thrown together in a race to keep King Korgon alive. They question the other’s allegiance to their king , but it will take their combined efforts and trust to stop Filvane from destroying Korgon and the entire realm of the living. In the end, these two physicians  may have more in common than their titles. They may even fall in love.

1990's Historical M/M Romance

If you're a Queen fan like me, you'll find several Easter eggs hidden in this story.


Blurb: Spread Your Wings is the tale of Sammy Connelly’s first job as a CNN Correspondent in Sarajevo in February 1992. The job and rising tensions in Sarajevo do little to calm Sammy’s nerves before the biggest concert of his lifetime: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. One of the hotel clerks, Mustafa, helps Sammy with a health scare and distracts him from the war. When Mustafa ends up in the hospital as a casualty of war, Sammy knows he’s got to get him to London, and home to Atlanta, if Mustafa will go. Along the way, they experience the largest celebrity tribute concert of our time and find “Somebody to Love.”


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 Fantasy M/M Spider Erotic Romance

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Pokemon Go Contemporary M/M Short Romance

This story was originally written for an anthology that didn't happen in 2017. I was on a Pokemon Go craze at the time, so this story involves two Pokemon players, a San Francisco convention, an inter-racial romance (Clay is black, Trent is white) and some down-home Iowa humor. Please join my newsletter, confirm your email address, and on the follow-up email, select the the contemporary romance option as your reward!