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Long Live the Queen

Once upon a time, I ran a fan page for Queen and Freddie Mercury. My very first website was a fan site for Queen and Highlander.


From 2014-2019, I ran Freddie Days on Facebook from September 5 to November 24. Freddie Days was a labor of love. After five years with little to no interaction, I chose to close my fan page in 2020.


From here on out, I'm going to fangirl on my website, and you're welcome to follow along. Have ideas for 2021, or just want to talk about Freddie and Queen? Email me!

New for September 5, 2020: Mercury Rising.


In 2016, Penny Dreadful publications published my poem, "Mercury Rising," in The Show Must Go On: Short Fiction and Poetry Inspired by Freddie Mercury and Queen. It's now out of print and no longer on Amazon, and I own the rights to my poem, so here it is for all of you (with minor updates). Enjoy!

Mercury Rising

by Edie Montreux

He sat behind a scarred, cheap desk 
Blackboard spread behind him for miles 
Or so it seemed 
So diminutive
Still good to see him 
Better than at the end.

I remember hearing of his death 
On the five o’clock news 
After cheerleading practice. 

November, beginning of basketball season 
Everyone speculating from the previous day 
“We knew he had AIDS,” they said (Don’t they know all) 
On the 24th, they stopped speculating and simply mourned. 


On the 24th, he was gone. 


Yet here he appeared, in Lang Hall on a bright September day 
Chalk dust on his Lurex pants 
Pink eraser litter dotting his white trainers 
Mustache intact, hair slicked back 
Perfect complexion, lacquered voice and unique smile 
Sparkling against the dim room and rotting desks 
Sorely out of place and loving it 
Just like the South America tour. 

He dusted his shoes and placed his feet on the desktop 
Directly into a stream of light 
Racing toward the desk 
Escaped from the outside prison through 
A crack in the blinds 
It ran to be a part of him. 

Like me. 


To mirror his brightness while 
He blinded the world one more time 
From a classroom in the middle of nowhere. 


Is this heaven? 

I suppose it could be. You don’t know? 


His hypnotizing gaze met mine. 


What are you trying to tell me, Freddie? 
I would give you heaven if I could 
All I want in return is one vision, one song
It’s all I need 
To capture 
The one moment you’re here 
Just for me 
Recreated in my mind 
Mercury Rising. 

Songs are just words. Have you learned nothing? 

He rose from the chair, posed at the board for a moment 
Composing a lecture in his head. 

Before I heard his performance 
The felon beam of light caught him 
Beckoned him to join it. 

Isn’t that what everyone wants, in the end? 

He’d rather be here with us 
He’d rather not be background noise 
We shared a sad smile of knowing. 

The room blazed with heaven’s light 
And he was gone again. 

So this is heaven 
Maybe it really is for everyone 

I blinked, taking in the dreary classroom 
Clock ticking above the door 
The fading light of evening 


Nothing glorious or miraculous here. 
I fell asleep in class. 
I hurried to my room hoping for

A full night's sleep at the Dreamer’s Ball. 

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