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Farbonnur Elves: Cast of Characters

The following characters either make an appearance or are mentioned in Stone of Power: (see slide navigation below for other books in the series)

Abilwi (AB-ill-wee): Founding god of Abilwyn. Now resides in realm of souls.

Al/Alvari of Abilwyn/(al-VAHR-ee) - Alvarick (al-VAER-ick) in series): Not born yet, elf of Velden's true dream, son of Valorias, Davri's brother.


Amara (uh-MAHR-uh): Tiny scary human woman, has visions, certain she will be in a relationship with King Korgon by book's end.


Celasti (sehl-AST-ee): Founding god of Celastes. Now resides in realm of souls.


Davri (DAHV-ree): Dead EmpiriVelastes, son of Valorias, Al's brother. Valorias transferred his power to Velden. Was madly in love with Llawani before he met Gerlix.

Eldrich (ELD-rich): Human magic user, current king's physician, former student of Elsinor. Thinks Julian is a scoundrel and a horrible physician, and yet, strangely alluring.

Esher (EH-shur): High Devout of Abilwyn. Head of the Veneration of Light. Blood mage who, until recently, harvested infants at the annual harvest festivals.


Faraki (fuh-RAHK-ee): Dashalin elf exiled from Celastes with Velden. Valorias convinced him his true bond is waiting for him in Elsinor, but he hasn't been able to find it after the last century of looking. One of the last surviving Dashalin elves from Dovington, along with Llawani.


Filvane (FIL-vayn): King's advisor. Brother to Esher and Gerlix, blood mages who attempted to resurrect the demon Huroth from the realm of dreams a century ago.


Gerlix (GEHR-liks): Dead blood mage. Velden killed him, resulting in his exile from Celastes.


Huroth (HYOO-roth): Blood demon, trapped in realm of dreams by Valorias.


Julian (JYOOL-ee-yehn): Human, former magic user, former king's physician, Underground surgeon. Thinks Eldrich is hot and haughty, which may or may not be a good combination.


Karl (KAHRL): Dead king of Farbonnur. Poisoned.


Korgon (KOR-guhn): Present king of Farbonnur. Poisoned. May recover, according to Amara.


Leath (LEETH): Human. Head of the Dovington Underground. Amara's brother. In a relationship with Tomen.


Llawani (lah-WAHN-ee): Celastes tower elf. Velden's adopted brother. One of the last surviving Dashalin elves from Dovington, along with Faraki. In love with Davri.


Rovingi (ro-VINJ-ee): Founding god of Rovinge. Now resides in realm of souls.


Serenas (suh-REE-nuhs): Mortal elf. Velden's sister. Lives with their parents in Celastes (mortal elves don't age beneath the shield wall).


Tomen (TOM-ehn): Human. In a relationship with Leath. Returned to the Underground two weeks prior to the beginning of the story with no memory of how to pass through the gate. Catatonic since then.


Valorias (val-OR-ee-uhs): Elven goddess of dreams. With the power of the Dashalin gods, she traps the demon Huroth in the realm of dreams between the realm of souls and the realm of the living. Head of Celastes tower. Mother to Davri and Alvari.


Velden (VEHL-dehn): Elf with weakest amount of Dashalin power in Celastes' tower. Exiled from the tower to fulfill Valorias's prophecy. Carries Davri's power in a tattoo/ward on his chest. Only surviving Dashalin elf from Rovinge, making him the EmpiriRovinge. Founding head of the Rovingian Kites, a band of mercenaries who hunt the roaming empty eyes of Huroth. Acting EmpiriCelastes. Had a true dream of Al when he was young.

Werl (WEHRL): Human, former blood mage. Cursed by Valorias. Velden's companion. She stayed behind in Rovinge while Velden went to Dovington for the events of Stone of Power.

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Map of Farbonnur (Includes Rovinge and Palindos


Farbonnur Elves Terms and Definitions

Is something missing? Email Edie to have it defined!

Abilwyn (AB-ill-win): City in eastern Farbonnur, home to the corrupted Circle of Light and the Veneration of Light's High Devout.

Celastes (sel-AST-ez): City in northwestern Farbonnur, surrounded by a Dashalin shield wall to keep out blood mages.


Circle of Light: Giant disks of Celastian steel that restore Dashalin power to elves.


Dashalin (dash-AY-lin): The inherent magic of elves carried within their blood and restored by sunlight or a Circle of Light.


Dovington (DOH-ving-tuhn): City in northwestern Farbonnur.

Elsinor (EHLS-in-or): Circle of Light somewhere in Farbonnur. Home of the mystical tree of life.

Empiri (em-PEER-ee) (plural: Empirii (em-PEER-ee-eye): Elf with the highest level of Dashalin power and head of an elven citadel.


Empty: The reanimated dead; derived from "the empty eyes of Huroth" because their eyes fill with black liquid and they can be controlled by blood mages.


Farbonnur Bay (far-BONN-uhr): City in southern Farbonnur.


Glugoyal (gloo-GOY-uhl): High Celastian word for the empty. (Glugoya glugoyal is a common phrase meaning "Death to the dead."


Lubariq (loo-BAER-ik): Large, hive-dwelling creatures who built the tunnels for the Circles of Light. There are three types of the species: queen, hunter, and drone.


Rovinge (RO-vinj): Country south of Farbonnur, connected by land bridge. The Circle of Light disappeared under mysterious circumstances, turning the land to desert.


Rovinge (citadel): City in northeastern Rovinge.

Zammattau (ZAM-uh-tahw): City in mid-Farbonnur.

Farbonnur Elves Timeline

-1200: Abilwi built his tower, chose his successors, and ascended to the realm of souls

-1000: Ofi and Elsi ascended to realm of souls, leaving their circles close to Celastes for protection

-900: Davri born to Valorias (Celasti)

-910-920: Davri abused by Ubishi

-920: Celasti ascended to realm of souls; Valorias split towers of Celastes and Elsinor

-800: First attack on Dovington - Faraki joined Celastes's tower, Murcori joined Elsinor

-640 (ish): Velden and Llawani followed the call to Celastes from Rovinge

-300: Gerlix interference began; Davri chose Velden as his consort; failed Yule bonding ritual

-200: Gerlix attacked Celastes; Davri died; Velden and Faraki exiled; Esher destroyed Tower of Abilwyn; Filvane attacked Elsinor but pulled back when he received confirmation that Esher succeeded; Murcori's true dream

-100: Stone of Power events

Present Day: Circles of Light and everything after events

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