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Medium to Well Matched

When a spirit plays matchmaker, even a recluse might fall in love.

At 40 years old, Wayne has declared himself single for life. He's done trying to hide who he is from his family. Besides, what are the odds of finding someone if he never leaves his apartment?

Foster lives down the hall from Wayne and would love to ask him on a date. He'll never break through Wayne's grumpy façade without a script, though. He's much better at reading words than finding them in his head.

Wayne's spirit grandma has a solution, but it involves a little accident on the stairs and a lot of explaining. Wayne has to come to terms with the two things he's always insisted he's not: clairvoyant and gay.

Medium to Well Matched is the second in the Haunted Hollywood Ever Afters paranormal M/M romance series. It's best to read them in order, but each book focuses on a new couple in the Haunted Hollywood universe. MtWM has a contrite spirit matchmaker, a grumpy speech therapist tired of lying to his family, a sunshine up-and-coming actor, Hollywood drama, the wedding you've all been waiting for since book 1, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

Content Warning: Gun violence, versatile characters.

Medium to Well Matched
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