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Pika Perfect

Grumpy/Sunshine M/M Romance

Blaze Langdon is more than another pretty face on Instagram. He's turning his senior wildlife biology project into a one-man ad campaign to save the pika, his favorite lagomorph. To do it, he'll take his virtual fans deep into the mountains to find pikas in their natural habitat.

Paul Stone moved to Wyoming to escape people like Blaze. On a deadline to revise the final novel in his thriller series before his readers turn on him for good, he doesn't have time for college kids snooping around his mountain, even if the national park ends at his driveway.

When Blaze tumbles over a concrete barricade into Paul's life, they begin an unlikely friendship that turns into more. If they're not careful, they could develop a real connection beyond Paul's fans and Blaze's online followers.

Pika Perfect is an M/M romance between an author living alone on a Wyoming mountaintop and a makeup-flaunting college student determined to find photogenic pikas, a job as a park ranger, and a happily-ever-after. It has an attempt to camp in a parking lot, Thanksgiving football, Christmas decorations, and a bad college roommate. No pikas were harmed in the writing of this book.

Pika Perfect
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