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Spread Your Wings

1990's M/M Romance

Sarajevo, 1992: Journalist Sammy Connelly finally gets his big break when an international news network sends him to crumbling Yugoslavia to cover escalating tensions. But, alone in a strange country, Sammy is unprepared for the isolation of his assignment and scandal back home. The only bright spot is his conversations with Mumu, the charming hotel clerk who shares Sammy's love for the band Queen and maybe loves Sammy too.

Mustafa lives in hiding, since fat bottomed girls don't do it for him. His Muslim faith doesn't accept him. Most of his family has disowned him. He even changes his name at work so American tourists feel more comfortable around him. He knows there's more to life than this, and when he meets Sammy, he wants it all, including somebody to love.

Sammy's inquisitive nature allows Mustafa to open up about music, his past, and dreams for the future. The more Sammy learns about him, the more he wants to fly him to safety, no matter the cost.

Spread Your Wings is a 1990s historical M/M romance featuring a reporter on his first job, two men from different cultures, and true love conquering all. Their love story spans the globe, from Sarajevo to London to Atlanta and touches on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, religious acceptance, and the struggles of living in a war-torn country.

Spread Your Wings
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