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An MM Mpreg Holiday Shifter Romance

Donner makes a living delivering Santa’s gifts. He never expected to be one.

Omega Donner heads logistics for Santa's trek across the world, but he can't figure out his work/life balance. When Santa demands he take a mandatory vacation, he throws clothes in a suitcase and picks his beach destination. He's ready to put vacation in the rearview ASAP and get back to work. Santa’s more prepared than he is! Magical intervention gives Donner the outfits he needs to tackle the nightlife head-on. Too bad it tackles back…

Alpha eagle shifter Beau is a bouncer at a rooftop club. When he sees a hawt omega hurt in an accident his workplace should have prevented, he makes it his goal to protect Donner at all costs. When he and the club disagree on how to handle the incident, Beau quits his job. Now, he has all the time in the world to spend with Donner and ensure he has the best vacation ever!

That isn't what Santa had in mind … or is it? It'll take a Christmas miracle to bring these fated mates together forever.

Donner features an uptight omega reindeer with parental issues, a protective golden eagle shifter without a family, fated mates, and a bit of hurt/comfort. It also contains a magical suitcase and two versatile consenting adults who would rather enjoy their hotel room than be tourists after the first week. If you love snarky shifters, spicy romance, and a happily ever after with mpreg, rambunctious twins, and more family vacations, download your copy today!

Donner is the 7th book in the multi-author M/M Mpreg Christmas romance series Mated at the North Pole featuring Santa’s reindeer who find their mates while on a mandatory vacation. Why not read them all?

CW: This book takes place in a shifter world where Florida is a much better place than in our world.

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