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The Dragon at the End of This Pregnancy

M/M Fantasy Mpreg Romance

Betas don't have fated mates, especially not ones from another species!

Beta kobold Mac has a crush on a dragon. Unfortunately for him, nothing can come from it. If Galen tried to mate with Mac, their size difference alone would end him, but what a way to go!

Galen's final molt grants their greatest magical ability. They can shape-shift into any creature they've seen, including humans from Mac's favorite movies. Human media enthralls Galen, but they want to visit Earth to see if Mac's human side could mesh with their dragon. After all, dragons are violent enough on their own, and they worry hybrid offspring could be worse.

A dragon on Earth sounds like a terrible idea to Mac, but he'll do anything for Galen. To prove he's a worthy mate, Mac will even confront Galen's family - The very dragons who once tried to burn all kobold hybrids like himself to a crisp.

The Dragon at the End of This Pregnancy is a knotty fated mates mpreg/eggpreg romance between 2 consenting versatile adults. It has a smitten male kobold, an oblivious nonbinary dragon, dragon anatomy, knotting, all the slick, nesting, true love, an adorable baby, snark, eggpreg spice, and a guaranteed happily ever after! The Monster at the End of His Pregnancy series is best read in order - this is book 3.

The Dragon at the End of This Pregnancy
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