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The Monster at the End of This Courtship

M/M Fantasy Mpreg Romance

What good is fate when your mate won't look your way?

Omega Tuft has always wanted a mate. He's craved someone to love and support him since he was a human changeling on earth. Now that he's a kobold/human hybrid, he understands this desire is hardwired into his genes. Too bad his new mate hasn't gotten the message.

Axel had tried so hard to fit in on Earth. He'd had a girlfriend, a steady job, and a group of friends for video game nights. Now, he's an alpha adrift in one of those fantasy games with no way out and an omega who keeps calling him mate.

Thanks to the destruction of the summoning circle, Axel was returned to his plane of origin early. Tuft has one year of courtship to convince him they're meant to be together. If he fails, he'll have to face the reality of living alone without any hope for love and hatchlings.

The Monster at the End of This Courtship is a knotty reluctant fated mates male/male mpreg/eggpreg romance between 2 consenting versatile adults. It has monster anatomy, knotting, all the slick, nesting, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, snark, eggpreg spice, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

The Monster at the End of This Courtship
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