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Grave Throbbing

In Harley's day, glory hole meant storage room. The VIP room at the vampire club doesn't fit that description, and why does that coffin have a hole in the middle? Someone could die of sun exposure!

Harley has been out of the dating scene for a century. He's still hung up on Ciaran, the one that got away. Though vampires are supposed to be immune to vampire bites, his last bite from Ciaran left him temporarily paralyzed while Ciaran vanished without a trace. Now Ciaran's back, and Harley has to decide whether he wants answers or Ciaran more.

Ciarán didn't want to run from the sweetest vampire he'd ever met, but his life was already complicated with a sire bond and a rare vampire ability. Now that he's resolved his conflicts with the vampire council, he's too shy to approach Harley. With the aid of the club's strategically designed coffin, Ciarán apologizes with a pleasure-filled bite. Will it be enough to earn Harley's trust?

Ciarán would slow down and court Harley the right way, except he's in trouble with Harley's boss again. He needs Harley's help to survive the week ahead.

Grave Throbbing is a paranormal male/male second chance romance between two consenting versatile adults who like Halloween costumes and drinking mixed blood cocktails from paper cups. (Don't forget to recycle!) The age gap is late-middle-ages vampire turned at 23 (Harley) and Victorian vampire at 19 (Ciarán) with different sires. This standalone novella takes place in the world of Uncertain Future, a short story anthology by Edie Montreux. These are new main characters with very little crossover (all hail Empress Marcella).

Content warning: Vampire on vampire violence resulting in death and dismemberment.

Grave Throbbing
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