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Uncertain Future

Vampires usually suck, but some want to save the world. This M/M romance anthology follows a group of vampires intent on saving humanity from its own shortsightedness and finding love along the way.

Spoils of War: Russian soldier Isak finds more than he bargained for in a Berlin beerhall basement at the end of World War II. Is vampire Flavius a demon, or can he offer the redemption Isak seeks? (Republished with revisions; original publication YaoiCon 2016 Anthology)

Uncertain Future: Isak and Flavius join forces with American vampires to save humanity from destroying itself. How can Isak save the world when he doesn't know if his decisions are his own?

Quality Assured: New vampire Derek needs to prove his place by choosing environmental warriors to join their ranks. Carbon-free quality analyst Kellan would be perfect for the job, but he hates vampires, and he thinks Derek is up to no good. Can Derek convince him otherwise? (Republished with revisions; original publication Working Stiffs: M/M Vampire Anthology)

The Council: As the newest members of the vampire council, Flavius and Isak worry their voices will be ignored. Can they convince the council to spare Derek and the other vampires working toward harmony with the humans in a world still largely ignoring climate change?

Uncertain Future is the long-awaited complete collection of Edie Montreux's popular and timely climate activist M/M vampire romances spanning the decades from 1945 to 2025. The stories include heroic vampires, oblivious humans, recycling hacks, angsty romance, and of course, true love.

Uncertain Future
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