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Circles of Light

Farbonnur Elves Book 2

Velden's forgotten dream was supposed to avoid disaster, not cause one.

Alvarick's sunburns and scars prove he has no magic in his blood but won't stop the blood mages from claiming him as a plaything. When he's abducted during his last possible attempt to escape, he hopes for a quick death.

Six centuries and goddess interference have turned Velden's wait for his fated mate into a nightmare, one he's certain is a lie. Their goddess wouldn't allow the most powerful elf ever born to bond with the weakest, not if she expects to defeat the blood demon.

Alvarick's attraction to Velden, the dashing elf who dares to rescue him, overwhelms him with new emotions and uncanny access to Velden's private thoughts. If Velden must sacrifice himself to fulfill prophecy, Alvarick wants no part in it, but the curse on his skin leaves him powerless to prevent it.

Circles of Light is a male/male epic fantasy romance with a happy-for-now ending. It has experienced grump/virgin sunshine fated mates, a misunderstood prophecy, a meddling goddess, and badass sidekicks ready to take the fight to the blood mages (a failed blood mage, an elven sidekick still looking for a tree of legend, and a cuddly giant intersex enby with wings). While it can be read as the first book of the Farbonnur Elves series, it's not recommended. The six books in the Farbonnur Elves series should be read in order.

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