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Circles of Light

Farbonnur Elves Book 2

Once upon a forgotten dream …

"His name is Al. He will call you Denny. That's all you need to know."

Velden's been waiting for his true bond for over six centuries. Finally, after the "helpful" intervention of his goddess, he's been able to forget his true dream and accept his supporting role in the prophecy. When the worst blood mage in the land crashes a wedding right before the final vows, Velden faces a tough choice: follow his assassin's mark or some elf he vaguely recognizes.

There have been watchful eyes on Alvarick his entire life. Even though his skin burns in the healing sun and he's been tested twice with no sign of power, it's clear he won't make it through a third harvest festival. He must be married and gone by the harvest moon or a blood mage will claim him as a plaything, prophecy or not.

An acerbic mercenary and a naïve son of a goddess must join in a fight against fate. Even if they escape, it's only a matter of time before the mages uncover Alvarick's lineage and his role in the prophecy: his blood will either save the realm or destroy it. Can they heal Alvarick's skin affliction without losing him to the mages, or will Velden make the ultimate sacrifice and hope for better results in the next life?

Circles of Light is 75,000 words of M/M Romantic Fantasy goodness with a happy-for-now ending. This is Edie's second of six novels in the Farbonnur Elves series. (Check out the prequel, Stone of Power, for more delicious backstory, and read Hives of Sorrow next!) CoL has experienced grumpy/virgin sunshine fated mates, a misunderstood prophecy, interference from a goddess, a failed blood mage, an elven sidekick still looking for a tree of legend, a cuddly giant enby with wings, and blood mages controlling armies of Empty (zombies).

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