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Demon of Darkness

Farbonnur Elves Book 6

Darkness falls, and the blood demon rises.

Alvarick and the other elves have done everything they can to protect their people by securing the other four citadels and forcing the blood demon to rise in his hometown. Now, as the darkness of the dream world blots out the healing sun, he must return home to wage the final battle for the realm of the living.

Things go from bad to worse the moment they arrive in the abandoned citadel. Velden must fight his way through empty, returned, and the last of the blood mages before he can reunite with his bondmate.

Not all who die stay dead. A surprise awaits the elves and their found family: the blood demon has many familiar faces. They must separate the demon from its assimilated souls before it's too late.

Demon of Darkness is the 96,000 word final installment in the Farbonnur Elves Series (should be read after Tree of Secrets) and has a Happily Ever After ending. For everyone. Trust me.

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