Tree of Secrets

Farbonnur Elves Book 5

A long journey. A sentient tree. A deceitful god.

Faraki arrives in his new home with only his armor and evidence to clear his name. His only hope to create an alliance between the tree-dwelling elves and his goddess is to encourage a true bond with an elf who seems to hate him.

Velden must find a way to bolster his homeland so it's invulnerable to the blood demon. Old enemies and new attempt to thwart his journey. Each new attack tests the strength of his newly formed bond.

It will take all of Farbonnur's elves to construct a shield wall strong enough to withstand the blood demon, and they're running out of time. True love may not be enough to save the realm when a god switches sides.

Tree of Secrets is a 90,000 word romantic fantasy filled with familiar fated mate faces in new locations. ToS also has baby lubarikin, an exhausted new parent, and more spicy ritual goodness.