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Take No Prisoners

Romancing the High Seas Book 1

When passion collides with magic, a pirate finds his heart’s true treasure.

During Captain Efren’s pursuit of his traitorous former first mate, he stumbles upon a captive mage named Niall. While Niall's rare ability will turn the tide against the imperial navy, Efren’s more interested in their instant attraction. Niall leaves him feeling something he hasn't experienced in years: hope.

As if being saved wasn’t enough, the more Niall learns about the pirate captain, the more he wants to join his motley crew. Niall is drawn to Efren’s commanding nature and sarcastic wit and torn when unexpected family obligations demand his attention.

When Niall is captured by the imperial navy, it’s a race against time and tides to save him from certain death. Efren must team up with the only prisoner he's ever taken. The decision could cost him everything, including Niall.

Take No Prisoners is a male/male age gap (45/25) romance between two consenting versatile adults. It has a grumpy pirate mage, a sunshine virgin apprentice who doesn't know he has magic, and plenty of snark and spice to go around before the happily ever after. If you're looking for a series where magic intersects with swashbuckling adventure and swoon-worthy romance, start reading today!

Content Warnings: fantasy pirate violence; discussion of past SA.

Take No Prisoners
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