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Tell No Tales

Romancing the High Seas Book 2

When love's compass spins, will it steer Vadim and Klaus toward mutual ruin or redemption?

Vadim has made peace with his former crew. He's convinced them their emperor is in danger, but he's still at war with himself. He's certain his relationship with Klaus is irreparable. Besides, he’s already loved and lost twice. He doesn’t deserve a third chance with a man who is his better in every way.

Klaus sees Vadim only as an enemy. He craves a normal life of laughter and love, but no matter how much he desires it, he'll never be normal. His ability to detect magic users and his skill as a pleasure house worker makes that impossible. Vadim only cares about the former, not the latter, but Klaus wishes to ensnare him with both.

Vadim handles Klaus with kid gloves, while Klaus snaps at him with bratty responses and underhanded actions. He might have gone too far by sabotaging Vadim’s sail bed, forcing them to share a mattress in the ship’s hold.

When Vadim’s gloves come off, he could kill Klaus once and for all, or his touch could drive them both to recklessness.

If you loved Vadim's "touch him and die," and "you called, I came" stance toward Klaus in Take No Prisoners, the magic continues in Tell No Tales. While each book has a separate happily ever after with new main characters, it is best to read the Romancing the High Seas series in order. Tell No Tales, book 2, is a male/male romance between two versatile consenting adults. It has a grumpy death weaver and a bratty former prostitute dealing with their feelings now that they don't hate each other as much as they once did, all while trying to rescue their naive emperor from his evil general.

Content Warning: Natural death of a small animal (don't worry, he doesn't stay dead, and no, it's not necromancy), attempted suicide, fantasy violence, necromancy, mentions of past SA and murder in self-defense.

Tell No Tales
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