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A Note to my Readers

I'm seeing a lot of talk about how authors aren't listening to readers regarding problematic content, and they're fed up with giving feedback.

I'm also seeing authors saying they don't care if they're being problematic - it's part of their art and they're sticking to their guns. I'm not here to judge. If that's your card, play it.

Personally, I want to know when I've made a mistake. I want to know if my books are hurting people instead of helping them. I want to know if I've used inappropriate language beyond my usual sailor flair. (You will find swearing in my books. That's my card, and it's my Jack/Ace of Hearts, depending on what game we're playing.) I come from a place of privilege, and I've written incredibly naïve and problematic content in the past. (Hell, I've said some incredibly problematic things and lost potential allies because of it.) I'd like to think none of the worst garbage has been published, but I know I have a long way to go.

When I know better, I do better. I'll only know if you tell me.

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