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Rainbow Advent Calendar Day 4 - Merry Christmas, Santa

Updated: Apr 13

Hello and welcome, Rainbow Advent Calendar followers! Welcome to Day 4! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Edie Montreux. I write a little bit of everything m/m, from contemporary holiday romance to 1990's historical romance (not my words, I swear it was just yesterday). I have paranormal vampires (Uncertain Future, Grave Throbbing) and spirits (Haunted Hollywood Ever Afters series), epic fantasy series with magic (Farbonnur Elves, Romancing the High Seas), and a non-magical cozy fantasy romance standalone (Off the Wall). Find all of my non-mpreg books here:

I also write mpreg under Edie Monte!

This little m/m romance meet cute is part of the Uncertain Future vampire world and features a vampire sex worker, a VIP room snafu, and a nerdy virgin too smart for his own good.

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Don't miss the rest of the Rainbow Advent Calendar goodies! Rainbow Advent Calendar Facebook Group

If you're looking for more holiday goodness from me, I have an angsty enemies to lovers romance, New Year Not You. If you love small town political rivalry and huge misunderstandings, this book is for you!

If you love mpreg, check out Mated at the North Pole series, including my book, Donner! The North Pole Santas send their reindeer on mandatory vacations where they might meet their fated mates!

If you want to know more about Harley, Key, and Greed, you can find them in Grave Throbbing!

If you want to know more about sire bonds and Empress Marcella, you can start with Uncertain Future!

Thanks so much for reading! Happy holidays!

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