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Trans Rights Readathon

Updated: Apr 22

I don't always talk about myself, but when I do, know that I hate talking about myself.

If you follow me on the clock app, you might be aware I participated in the Trans Rights Readathon from March 20-27. My goal was to donate $50 flat to One Iowa, the organization fighting for trans rights in my state, along with $5 for each book I read. Republicans have made it their agenda to attack me and my friends for existing. This is one way for me to fight back.

The other is to stand up and say, yes, I'm nonbinary. Even though my family told me, "this is something all girls go through. You'll grow out of it." I did what they expected of me and buried myself for so long I almost didn't recognize myself in nonbinary and trans folks I've met.

I still use she/her pronouns, along with they/them. (I've commandeered this human vessel, now my pirate ship, from my state. I'm going to keep fighting them until they acknowledge I exist.) I'm not the boy I wanted to be, but I'm tired of pretending they were right, especially now I know the truth. My life could have been so different, if only someone had believed in me.

I lived out of spite. Not all of today's trans kids will.

I donated a total of $70 to One Iowa to help where I can. I read the following books (5 stars to each):

  • Peter Darling by Austin Chant

  • A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall

  • REDACTED - no longer promoting this book or this author as of April 20, 2024

  • Song by Jae Dixon

My $70 won't go very far, but it's a start. If you would like to match any part of my donation, here's the link!

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